Bacon Snacks

Bacon Snacks

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We have heard what the people want! Bacon Jerky.  This product will give you what you desire.  There are no elegant roses here, but each of our delicious flavors to sample and love.  Each product comes with an 8 oz package of bacon jerky.  Buy one flavor or try them all! 

You choose the flavor!

Original - Our Texas Pride and Joy.  Award winning, and the most requested flavor.

Candied - Cinnamon, Maple, and Brown Sugar.  It is our sweetest bacon flavor.

Honey Jalapeno - Jalapeno, Honey, Habanero, and other complex spices make this our hottest flavor!  It's firey and delicious.

Bourbon - Aged Whiskey, Vanilla and Brown sugar.  A little pizazz and Bam!  Woodsy, and flavorful.  Aged 30 days.

Honey Sriracha - Our favorite new flavor!  Spicy and sweet.  It has an asian accent that we love.  Roasted red peppers and chilis infused into the honey and combined with Hot Rooster Sriracha.

Spicy Mango - A tale from the exotics.  Succulent dried mango blended with ginger, honey, chili peppers, and a little hawaiian sugar.  This treat takes you straight to vacation.

Peppered - Lemon, Ginger, and Black pepper.  Grated lemons spiced with red ginger and simmered with fresh crushed black pepper.  It is sultry, dark, and flavorful.  It has a dark complexion, but is smoky and full of depth.

Coffee and Molasses - New Orleans french roast, thick molasses, with just a touch of garlic.  It brings bacon to a whole new level.