About Us

 "Our goal is to make people's day better with a bouquet you can eat, made of Bacon!"

What is a bacon bouquet?  We provide hand crafted floral arrangements you can actually eat!  Our bouquets are made from 100% REAL bacon.  Customers are the star, and they can feel good because they purchased a unique gift that makes their loved ones excited.  It is far more unique than regular flowers, cookies, candy or fruit baskets. Each order is made specifically for our customers on the day it is shipped.  Our arrangements are never frozen, and our service provides a 7 day freshness guarantee. Bacon Bouquets is an online catalog and retail business located out of Plano, Texas, just north of Dallas.  We have been in business since December 28, 2012.  

Our bouquets are beautiful gifts.  We package each bouquet in a removable gift box.  So, whether the recipient is opening it, or you are shipping it to yourself to give to the recipient, our bouquets are able to be removed from the shipping packaging.  Makes it perfect for Instagram or tweeting about how you got them such a neat gift!

Our Bacon Rose culinary artists have training.  Each artist is trained in the art of making this unique product, and has food safety certifications as well.  Each artist hand selects, seasons, smokes and creates every rose.  

High quality culinary art.  Our packaging is safe.  From the stems to the tissue paper.  We use approved supplies for anything that comes into contact with your gift. What we do is beyond just buying and cooking bacon in the oven.  Our process takes many hours and can only be done in a certified kitchen.  We continue to maintain our regulatory USDA and other safety certifications. 

USA products go into your bouquet!  No cheeping out here.  From our ribbon to our stems we source packaging for your gift from Americans!  Giving jobs to your friends and neighbors. We also love our Canadian neighbors and purchase 100% authentic Canadian Maple Syrup! Yum. Yum.  The shipping boxes are also made here in the USA.

We hand smoke. All of our bouquets are soy free because there is no liquid smoke.  Our bouquets are smoked using either cherry wood, hardwood, or another nut free wood we select for the season.  That makes our product allergen friendly.

Caring about customer allergy safety is a high priority to us.  Our bacon processing facility is Peanut, Oats, Soy, and Wheat free.  All of our bacon recipes are free of these ingredients.  If your gift is for someone with a food allergy, let us know!  

Our product is dry shipped, as per regulatory guidelines.  They will last longer (up to 6 weeks) if refrigerated or frozen upon receipt, but they do not require refrigeration.  If you freeze them, they last pretty much forever. All of our products come with re-heating instructions, just in case you do put them in the fridge! 

 As a company, we invented the Bacon Bouquet!  Many other sites sell meat jerky flowers, bacon jerky, or just smoked pre-packaged meat, but they are not us. Our bouquets are hand crafted to look like a rose bouquet of flowers, making bacon beautiful.  We are the sole manufacturer of The Bacon Bouquet in the world.

Our founder, Meredith came up with the idea of bacon roses that could be shipped back in 2013.  After posting on Facebook a bacon rose she made for her dad, she got a lot of requests from her friends to make bacon roses.  She began selling them out of her home to locals in the DFW area by a post on Craigslist that following Valentine's Day.  Realizing that there was a hole in the market for her bacon roses, she then formed the company Ditzyblondes, The Original Bacon Roses Company.  At the same time, growing was inevitable, so she got the appropriate licensing and bought her first location in Plano, Texas.  A little Easter egg for our major fans: We still keep the name @theoriginalbaconroses on Instagram and if you type it into the browser, it will redirect you to our company.  She changed the name of the company after taking business courses for her MBA at Sauder Business School.  She realized that the product name should describe the product sold, so in 2017 she formed Bacon Bouquets, LLC.  Still to this day, she leads the business towards growth, innovation, and of course the best bacon! 

Ahead of the rest, Bacon Bouquets make the best present.  We don't tell you who to ship to. So go ahead and send a bouquet to Mom, Dad, sister, brother, the dog... They will love it almost as much as we love you, our customers!