Questions we hear a lot, and the Answers.

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  • When are you open?

    • You can order online 24/7.

      Customer Service: Monday-Friday 9 am- 6pm CST. Closed on National Holidays and Sundays.

      Claims hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Closed on National Holidays and Sundays.

      Local Deliveries are based on Availability

      We are located in Plano, TX 75023

      Local Pickup is available after Covid-19 kitchen policies permit.

      We are completely closed on Sundays and all National Holidays. We are open the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day.

      We are a Text, Messenger, and data enabled business. (469) 667-8029 is the number.  This includes our Canadian and Mexico Customers.

    • I want the product to arrive on an exact date. How do I do that?

      • Pick the date you want, and pick our Pick a Target Date shipping service at checkout. Date must be at least 6 days away for date targeting. Unfortunately, Saturday and Sunday delivery is not yet available.

        If you need it in 3-6 days simply leave the Pick a Target date field blank, and Standard Shipping delivers in 2-6 business days based upon your location. 

        If you need it in the next 2-3 days, Leave the Pick A Target Date field blank, then select an overnight / 2-day service at checkout.  Your package will ship next business day Monday - Friday.

        If you need the package tomorrow it might be possible with overnight shipping. We do have some restrictions on same day shipping. You MUST contact us at (469) 667-8029 for all same day ships in order for us to pull your order from the queue, and to see if same day ship is possible before you place the order.


        Order placed on 

        Order will ship on


        Standard Shipping

        (Varies based on distance)







        Wed. - Monday





        Thurs. - Tuesday





        Friday - Wed.





        Monday - Thurs


        Friday Monday Tuesday - Friday Wed. Tuesday
        Saturday Monday Tuesday - Friday Wed. Tuesday
        Sunday Monday Tuesday - Friday Wed. Tuesday

      • I want to ship to my significant other, but they will only be there for one day. Is that possible?
        • We don't recommend shipping to temporary locations.  The reason behind this is simple. Shipping addresses, once a package is shipped, can NOT be changed!  For example:

          Hospitals: Room changes, hospital transfers, and discharges are common

          Hotels: Might not accept packages, verify with the concierge that they will accept a package.

          Schools: Schools will not accept any packages for students

          Air B&B: Since these are operated by individuals acting as landlords for temporary residents, packages are generally not accepted

          Places of business: If the employee is there temporarily, they might not accept a package on their behalf, or it might get lost in the mail department.

        • I put the wrong address in for shipping. Can I change it?
          • Shipping: If you mess up the shipping address we can change it up until the package ships. Once a package has been shipped, changes can not be made to reroute the package. We can ship a new package, but the customer will have to pay again in full for the new package.

          • I want my package to be anonymous. Is that possible?
            • Yes, just tell us to make it anonymous in the messages section. You can also put in the Billing first and last name Anonymous, Anonymous.  The billing name will not affect your order from going out.

            • I don't want my package to include pricing information since it is a gift. How do I make sure they don't know how much I paid?
              • We don't include any pricing information with the gifts. We include a priceless packing slip that looks like a card, and has your gift message on it. Your billing address is not on the package. Only your first and last name as well as your message is included.

              • When will my package ship?
                • We ship according to the date you select at checkout. If you don't select a date, all orders go out the next business day, unless we are contacted and an order is approved for same day shipping. Friday, Saturday and Sunday orders ship on Monday since the shippers are closed on Sunday.

                  All orders get a shipping notification with a tracking number to the email address entered at checkout when each package ships. We do offer other notification capabilities like text and messenger based notifications as well.

                • Is the bacon still good after a couple of days shipping?
                  • Yes, our bacon is rated by the USDA and the State of Texas Health Services for two weeks without refrigeration in the shipping packaging we provide. We provide re-heating instructions so you get to enjoy warm, crispy bacon. We have a 7 day freshness guarantee. Cold shipping is not available or allowed by the USDA because it will make the product mold while in transit.

                  • How does your product stay on the stems?
                    • With magic and unicorns and glitter. 

                    • The shipper damaged my package, my package was stolen, or is lost. What do I do?
                      • First call UPS! They will have to speak to you regarding your claim. Then, call us! We can help, but you will want to call them first since they had your package last.


                      • Other Questions

                      • Got a question we haven't answered? Fill out the form below, or shoot us a chat message and someone from our Customer Service team will try to get you an answer as soon as possible.