Fresh From the Farm

We invented The Bacon Bouquet™!

Our bouquets come fresh.  Each twelve count bouquet is made with 2lbs of the freshest Texas bacon.  We hand select each piece to hand create a unique bouquet for each of our customers.  Each bouquet is hand made in batches, so your bacon is not even a full day old when it is shipped to your loved ones.

Our bouquet is never frozen.  Bouquets are made the day that they are shipped.  This makes for the freshest product available.  It has been thoroughly inspected and quality checked to insure your bouquet is the best bouquet we can offer. 

Cold shipping is not available for our product for health and safety of our customers.  Our product was developed alongside the USDA as well as the Texas State Health Services to ensure you get a high quality product.  We feel confident having professionals in our kitchen to work alongside us to offer a unique product at a price that is affordable.

**Our 7 Day freshness guarantee: You will receive your bouquet in 7 days from the date it is shipped, or we will overnight a new bouquet to you free of charge.

The Fine Print:  Exclusions are Canada, APO/FPO Military Bases, Non-Deliverable Addresses, and if the shipper attempted delivery with a notice, but the person didn't attempt to retrieve the package from them.  We also don't cover temporary locations, so if the person is leaving that location during that week of delivery it is best not to ship until they get back to a more permanent location. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the shipping address is correct, and that someone will be at the location to receive the bouquet.