About our Shipping

I want the product to arrive on an exact date. How do I do that?

    Pick the date you want, and pick our Guaranteed Shipping service at checkout. Date must be at least 5 days away. Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday delivery is not yet available.
    If you need it sooner, simply leave the date blank, and Standard Shipping delivers in 2-5 business days based upon your location.  If you need it in the next 2-3 days select an overnight / 2-day service.  Your package will ship next business day Monday - Friday if no date is selected at checkout.

    I want to ship to my significant other, but they will only be there for one day. Is that possible?

      We don't recommend shipping to temporary locations. For example:
      Hospitals: Room changes, hospital transfers, and discharges are common
      Hotels: Might not accept packages, verify with the concierge that they will accept a package.
      Schools: Schools will not accept any packages for students
      Air B&B: Since these are operated by individuals acting as landlords for temporary residents, packages are generally not accepted
      Places of business: If the employee is there temporarily, they might not accept a package on their behalf, or it might get lost in the mail department.

      I put the wrong address in for shipping. Can I change it?

        Shipping: If you mess up the shipping address we can change it up until the package ships. Once a package has been shipped, changes can not be made to reroute the package. We can ship a new package, but the customer will have to pay again in full for the new package.