Bacon Bouquet Breakfast

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Our newest product! Our Original Bacon Bouquet® comes bundled as a gift with our own signature branded coffee.  This is a 12 count of our Original Long stem roses dressed beautifully in our signature wrapping.  Each gift comes in our signature gold box.

Does your favorite person right now love bacon and coffee? This is your opportunity to spoil them rotten with one of our newest bouquets.  Your loved one will love our unique Texas Turtle coffee. Not available online anywhere else!

Coffee is 12oz.

The Original Bacon Bouquet is hand crafted per order.  It is made using 2lbs of juicy hand selected bacon.  We hand season and create each rose with multiple pieces of bacon.  It is thoroughly cooked and comes ready to eat or re heat with your coffee.

Allergy Info: Contains Coffee, Pecan & Bourbon Natural Flavoring and Bacon

As always, none of our packages come with pricing.

Our gold boxes are very big.  Their size is 30L x 6W x6D.  Be prepared for a large package!

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